Frequently Asked Seller Questions

  • How Much Will I Net After I Sell?

    So you have an idea of how much your house may sell for, but you are wondering how much of that amount is yours to keep? Watch this short video for some answers.

    Your Home in Central Ohio Didn’t Sell? Picking Realtor #2 or #3?

    Your house was on the market but didn’t sell. Now What? In this video are a few tips on what to ask the next agent when considering re-listing your home in Central Ohio.

    The Demopolis Team has another option for some home owners….. we work with a local new home builder that will actually BUY your existing home when you build a new one with them. They will write you a contract so you know exactly how much you will receive, allow you to live in your home while they build your new one and then you will close on both the same day. That takes all the guess work out of the buying and selling process.

    Call Michelle Demopolis at 614-940-0655 for more details.

    What do buyers say as they walk through homes? What would make a home more appealing to them?

    Some of the most common complaints we hear, as we walk Buyers through properties for sale is that the home could be cleaner and better arranged, the carpet/flooring needs cleaned or replaced and that the home does not appear to be energy efficient. For help correcting any of these issues in your property, please consult our Preferred Vendors Link to get competitive pricing and quick service.

    My listing is about to expire – should I stay on the market or withdraw?

    Great question and again the answer is, it depends. Unless your plans have changed, the plans that prompted you to place your home on the market in the first place, then withdrawing may not be the right answer. We do not know what the next season brings, as far as increased competition, higher interest rates or even lower buyer demand. It is always the right time to be listed IF you want to sell. Sometimes, going through the painful process of just staying in the market until YOUR buyer enters the market is what it takes to get your home sold.

    I have not had any showings for several weeks – is it time for a price reduction?

    Maybe, it depends. Have you reviewed the numbers for your neighborhood on the MLS site the Demopolis Teaming set up for you – are in inline, or slightly below your direct competition? Are you approving all showing requests? Have you neutralized, de-oderized and staged your home? Contact Michelle at 740-602-0126 and discuss what options you may have to increase traffic.

    My loan that I have on my listed property is ASSUMABLE – what does that mean and will it help me sell my property?

    A type of financing arrangement in which the outstanding mortgage and its terms can be transferred from the current owner to a buyer. By assuming the previous owner’s remaining debt, the buyer can avoid having to obtain his or her own mortgage. Buyers are typically attracted to homes with existing assumable mortgages during times of rising interest rates. This is because they can assume the seller’s mortgage, which was created when interest rates were lower, and use it to finance their purchase.

    However, if the home’s purchase price exceeds the mortgage balance by a significant amount, the buyer will either need to provide a sizable down payment or obtain a new mortgage anyway. For example, if a buyer is purchasing a home for $250,000, and the seller’s assumable mortgage only has a balance of $110,000, the buyer will need a down payment of $140,000 to cover the difference, or will have to get a separate mortgage to secure the needed funds.

    This is a great tool for marketing your property to help attract a buyer!

    How do I request more outdoor flyers or indoor marketing?

    Please send an email to w/subject line “Need More Outdoor/Indoor Marketing Materials” or call 614-932-2000 and let the receptionist know your name, address of your listing and that you need to request more marketing materials from Michelle Demopolis


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