Frequently Asked Buyer Questions

  • Top 20 Reasons a Buyer Should Buy a New Home

    Happy Home Buyers just built this GORGEOUS home and received numerous BUILDER INCENTIVES too!

    Happy Home Buyers just built this GORGEOUS home and received numerous BUILDER INCENTIVES too!

    20. Friends, family and co-workers can help

    19. No clouds or liens on title

    18. Builder has a complete team of professionals

    17. Periodic inspections and code checks

    16. Frame and final walk through

    15. Builders must be licensed, bonded and insured

    14. Special financing incentives

    13. Possible quicker appreciation over the first five years

    12. Special new home neighborhood friendships

    11. Hot new trends available

    10. Better paints, cabinets and materials for a healthy home

    9. Advanced technology and energy saving appliances

    8. Superior safety codes and designs

    7. Community amenities

    6. Renewable energy options like solar

    5. New homes cost less to run and maintain

    4. More energy efficiency saves thousands over time

    3. Everything is new, never used and selected by you

    2. Floor plan is designed for your family and your lifestyle

    1. It’s fun! You get to design it. And it’s under warranty!

    The Demopolis Team works with numerous new home builders, Custom, Semi-Custom and Production and we know how to help you find the right fit for your needs. Call us today to learn more! 614-940-0655

    What can I have inspected on the home I am purchasing?

    So you are thinking about buying a house and you wonder what you can have inspected, how much will it cost and who will perform the inspections? All great questions and very common. Here in Central Ohio, if you are using a Columbus Board of Realtors standard purchase contract, and have requested an inspection time period, you as the buyer are allotted a specific number of days to have the home inspected. Any aspect of the property may be inspected. From the roof to the sewer. From the gas lines to the sink lines. The seller will make reasonable accommodations to allow you and your qualified, licensed, insured and bonded inspector into the property to perform inspections. Once this is completed the inspector should give you a written synopsis of the condition of the item inspected. This report will be necessary should you need to request the seller perform any remedies on the home. A note of interest here, it is also recommended that you contact your insurance agent during this time to confirm insurability of the property. You do not want any surprises popping up a few days before closing.

    As always, if you have specific questions please give me, Michelle Demopolis, a call at 614-940-0655.

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